Mono Potassium Phosphate

Following strictly all the guidelines laid down by the industry, we are recognized as the leading entity manufacturing a wide stock of Monopotassium Phosphate. These intermediates are excellent fertilizers widely used in agriculture fields for improvising the fertility of the soil. Rich source of phosphorus and potassium, the chemical is formulated from highly effective compounds. Available in different packing options, the entire range of Monopotassium Phosphate is offered at the cost effective prices.


• Excellent food additive
• Act as a buffering agent
• Water soluble

Along with urea and ammonium phosphates it helps minimizing escape of ammonia by keeping the pH at a relatively low level. It contains 52% P2O5 and 34% K2O, and is labeled 0-52-34. This water soluble fertilizer is also used as a nutrient source in the greenhouse trade and in hydroponics.

• Formula: KH2PO4 Formula
• Weight: 136.08